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From David Le Strat <dlest...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [J2] Build Process Summer Time Clean Up
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 02:06:30 GMT
See comments below.

--- David Sean Taylor <david@bluesunrise.com> wrote:


> +1, remove all Jelly, move to M2

> Have portal-webapp depend on the built Portlet
> dependencies rather that the build target
> # Modify the maven.xml pam.(portlet)deploy target
> the maven-plugin to use the archived portlet war
> deployed to the repository (maven install).
> I like this idea of the portal-webapp, since its 
> great for starting new 
> projects where the goal is to customize the portal 
> with your own skins, 
> and your own build.

> You have my +1, although I propose going a step 
> further and moving to M2

--> David, we have been using M2 at work, so I
initially started with M2.  When trying to upgrade the
plugin to Marmalade, that's where I run into trouble. 
There is essentially no Marmalade documentation at
this point. Marmalade plugins are supposed to support
Jelly, but again no documentation. We could move in
that direction but this may take some time.  If you
know of any resources on Marmalade, I am willing to
give it a shot.  I have written an M2 plugins with
Java and it works quite well, Marmalade does not seem
quite ready yet.

In the meantime, we could make the changes with M1,
centralize the build dependency in the current plugin
and migrate the plugin later to M2.

> What if we would build a 
> jetspeed-portal-template-<VERSION>.jar (not 
> .war) which contained
> the proposed portal-webapp as well as its dependency

> (pom) definitions, 
> sql (or schema) scripts,
> app server templates (like the different tomcat 
> context files, 
> JBoss/Webspere/BEA configs etc),
> and a default build.properties.
> Then the plugin could use that template to build a 
> concrete portal,
> support (merge) overlay definitions (if any) and 
> *not* be dependent on 
> the concrete jetspeed component
> resources itself but derive those from the template 
> and/or from a 
> custom user build.properties.
> For our current portal project we then could be a 
> completely empty project except for a project.xml
> a maven.xml executing nothing but the default plugin

> goals. A nice starter project for integrators!

I like Ate's proposal and will work towards that.  I
propose to start the refactoring with M1 and to make
our way towards M2 as it matures.


David Le Strat.

David Le Strat
Blogging @ http://dlsthoughts.blogspot.com

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