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From Randy Watler <wat...@wispertel.net>
Subject Re: Documentation on security
Date Mon, 09 May 2005 22:42:50 GMT

Thanks for the input... comments inline:

>I know that all of you are working hard on your goals, but can you tell me 
>more about your
>plans for improving (finishing?) the security documentation. I'm sure 
>there're plenty of
>us developers who'd appreciate very much if they have some know-how to jump 
>quckly on it.
Exactly what aspect of security are you referring to... login 
authentication, user roles/groups, PSML constraints
and/or permissions?

>Are there any plans to implement some portlets that enable user 
>(choosing between layouts, adding/removing portlets from page...). Perhaps 
>I'm missing them :)
David Taylor is working on these when he can, so, yes there are plans :-).

>Just by looking at the mailing list I can see that Jetspeed2 covers a lot of 
>The main reason everyone is not recognizing that this is an excellent 
>framework is the
>missing entry-level documentation.
Again, thanks for the feedback. Interesting in contributing your 
experiences to the Wiki?


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