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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (JS2-210) Resolving all deployment classloader problems
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2005 08:38:07 GMT

David Sean Taylor wrote:
> A few quick questions:
> * why are the method names changing from register to start
I guess you are referring to the PortletApplicationManagement interface?

Register and start(PortletApplication) are two different functionalities now.
The start method invokes the (Registry) register method if a PA hasn't
been registered before or if its portlet.xml checksum has changed.

Furthermore, it invokes the PortletFactory register method, indicating the
web application has started and thereby signaling the portal can access/invoke
the portlets from this PA.

Maybe I should change the "start" and "stop" method names to "init" and "destroy".
I have thought about that before but just forgot to do. I'm not stuck on method
names though so if you prefer something else please be my guest.
You can change it yourself.

Which brings me to an important issue for the whole Team:
don't think I see this as *my* branch!

If you find bugs, see something clearly wrong or stupid, or need changes for
whatever reason: please take action.

I hope we can commit this branch very soon but I also know there is still
work to do to bring back *lost* features.

Although branches are very easy to create and certainly the best solution for
creating and presenting an alternative solution, I *hate* merging when there are
many conflicting changes. Getting this done ASAP helps reducing conflicting changes.

So, please lets all try to decide ASAP
- if this branch is going to be merged
- what needs to be done before the merge

Any help with that I'd appreciate very much.

> * why don't we support the registerAtInit option in the deployTool anymore
Because it is required now. This is the primary functionality, already introduced
as optional feature by Randy, needed for the new deployment and Portlet container
interaction. Only after a Portlet Application has signaled "start" to the
PortletApplicationManager it becomes available to the Portal for usage.
Without it, its "not available", so "start" at init really must be "true".


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