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From "Xavier Lawrence" <xlawre...@jahia.com>
Subject Re: XSLT filter, Callback filter and Jetspeed-2
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2005 17:06:53 GMT


> Solutions:
> - in case your original action is targeted from an Action PorletURL use
> redirect="true"
>    in your forward definition
> - in case of chained render actions just don't do it: try to consolidate
> the
>    actions into one and forward (type include) to the jsp from that.
> - in case above isn't feasible or correct, you could maintain a invocation
> counter as
>    request attribute in your filter and only do your initialization on
> first invocation
>    and only cleanup when it goes down to zero again.
> I hope this will get you going.

I added in some extra log information and I noticed that probably the
problem occured during the Struts forward.

If I look at the logs. I have twice the same RequestURI (...do). The
filter is called twice from the same RequestURI.

What is though very strange, is that everything works fine to initialize
the portlet. At load time, the portlet calles setup.do, which does some
initialization and displays the main screen.

Then whenever I click on a link (sp:link or sp:form) everthing goes fine
till the rendering. At this point, it seems the filter is called twice in
a row (same URI) and Exceptions occur at the second call.

So my first page is not called from a Portlet URL (I just invoke setup.do,
as init param in portlet.xml). If I put redirect true, the action is
executed but the output is a white screen with no content...

Could this be an issue of the bridge ??  I guess I have to use your third

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