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From Randy Watler <rwat...@finali.com>
Subject [J2][VOTE] Consistent XML tag style usage for PSML and related documents
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2004 06:11:18 GMT
J2 Dev Team:

As part of adding resource security/permission checks to page and folder 
access in the PageManager, I am considering adding a new multi-word tag: 
<security-constraint/> to *.psml, *.link, *.ds, and folder.metadata 
documents. PSML documents typically use the <security-constraint/> tag 
name style, while the other content documents use the 
<securityConstraint/> style.

Castor does offer the ability to accept both styles for primitive 
members, but is not similarly flexible for class mappings. Because 
Castor cannot uniformly support both styles, I am wondering which option 
the dev team would like me to follow:

1) Convert all documents to use a consistent style, namely 
<security-constraint/> to match the JSR-168 style.
2) Implement <security-constraint/> or <securityConstraint/> depending 
on the prevailing style of the document.
3) Implement only <security-constraint/> and ignore resulting mixed styles.

Option 1 implies impact for anyone with a running J2 site, but if we are 
going to change this we need to do it before the M1 release IMO. Option 
2 accommodates the existing style differences, but might be more 
confusing and/or difficult to document. IMO, Option 3 is just plain 
ugly, albeit easiest on me.

I am willing to port the J2 demo site and my own implementation to 
achieve a consistent XML style, option 1. Opinions?


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