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From "LOMBART Christophe" <Christophe.LOMB...@sword-technologies.com>
Subject Re: Contribute JetCMS - A CMS module for jetspeed 1
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 14:51:21 GMT
Maybe I didn't understand but why are you creating specific tables for each kind of resources
If you need to deal with resources like images, documents, ... it is possible to use the same
object model & DB schema.

What you can do it to check the JCMS code in order to see if there are some common points
between our projects.


Vlachogiannis Evangelos wrote:

>Hi all, 
>We (Aegean) have used Jetspeed1 under the umbrella of some projects as a portal platform
but as a collaborative enviroment as well. Most cases it was a demand to create database structures
and use them as a repository for every resource type. Then the users of the systems needed
to add data in a form based manner. Finally the system had to prevent users adding, editing
... resources according to their permissions / groups /roles. 
>For doing this we used the database portlet. But this meant that for every resource type
we had to create a new database table, generate torque, new velocity forms and browsers templates.
We also initially added some database fields for checking permissions.
>At this moment we have developed a "Jetspeed Module" which provide as an easy way for
dealing with such cases. You can find some features/screens of our module and we would like
to ask the community if there is an interest of such a module and in this case how can we
contribute that.
>See  jetcms-draft.pdf <http://cvs.syros.aegean.gr/%7Eevlach/papers/jetcms-draft.pdf>
 in  http://cvs.syros.aegean.gr/~evlach/papers/ 
>Evangelos Vlachogiannis
>Researcher - PhD. Candidate
>Dept. of Products and Systems Design http://www.syros.aegean.gr) University
>of the Aegean (http://www.aegean.gr) Syros - Greece 
>Phone: +32281-097126
>Mob: +3697-6560466
>FAX: +32281-097009
>e-mail: evlach at Aegean.gr
>Web: http://www.syros.aegean.gr/users/evlach
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