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From Randy Watler <rwat...@finali.com>
Subject Re: Dumb question?
Date Tue, 31 Aug 2004 03:59:43 GMT
...same patches attached to avoid line wrapping...

Randy Watler

rwatler wrote:

> John/Scott:
> The patch below for o/a/j/page/impl/CastorXmlPageManager.java worked 
> for me... it seems that page ids now require an extension so that they 
> can be cached correctly in the FileCache with a real file name. I am 
> not sure this is the CORRECT fix. It is certainly not the cleanest or 
> most efficient possible... perhaps adding an additional name/alias 
> lookup to the FileCache would be better?
> I also had to escape the French LATIN-1 character embedded in the 
> o/a/j/page/TestCastorXmlPageManager.java source file to make sure it 
> functioned properly. I seem to recall somewhere that LATIN-1 
> characters must be escaped in string literals, (?).
> Randy Watler

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