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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject [J2] RenderURL tag on Websphere
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 17:31:46 GMT
One of the demo portlets creates render urls as:

<portlet:renderURL var="maxMe" windowState='Maximized'/>

The Pluto tag lib puts the var into the page context as an attribute.

pageContext.setAttribute (var, url.toString(), PageContext.PAGE_SCOPE);

And then we print the value of the render URL in  an HREF by evaluating 
the expression:

<a href='<%=maxMe%>'>Max</a>

I have tested the above code on Tomcat4, Tomcat5, JBoss and Weblogic 8.
No problem.
Tried it on Websphere, but Websphere displays "maxMe" as 
"http://localhost:8080/jetspeed/null" when evaluating the expression above.
In reading the JSP spec (JSP.2.5), it seems to me that the spec is clear:

"For example:


This expression will look for the attribute named product, searching the 
request, session, and application scopes, and will return its value. If 
the attribute is not found, null is returned."

Strange enough, WAS successfully evaluates this expression:

<portlet:renderURL var="editMe" portletMode='Edit'/>
<a href='<c:out value="${editMe}"/>'>Edit</a>

and this expression also evaluates to a URL:

<portlet:renderURL var="helpMe" portletMode='help'/>
<a href='<%=pageContext.getAttribute("helpMe")%>'>Help</a>

Anyway, if anyway sees something Im doing wrong here, or if Im making 
At first I was wondering if our lack of encoding could be causing a 
problem, but seeing the 2 other expressions evaluate with stl and 
pageContext.getAttribute disproves this theory

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