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From Damien Byrne <dby...@integria.co.uk>
Subject Re: Request for a little help evaluating Jetspeed
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 14:50:53 GMT
Thanks again.

I have decided to do the only sane thing and to download BOTH CVS 
versions and have a look at the default deploy of both and to see if the 
Jetspeed 2 one makes me flee in terror.

Thanks again for your input.

I won't bother asking re the problems I've been having with 1.5 till 
I've deployed 1.6


Scott T. Weaver wrote:

> Damien Byrne wrote:
>> Hi Scott,  Thanks for replying so quickly.
>> If I may then summerise what you said (just to see if it filtered 
>> into my coffee ravaged brain :-) you seem to be indicating that 
>> whichever I choose, it should be a CVS version?  I have set up a test 
>> deployment of the 1.5 binary release and it seems to have problems 
>> refreshing rss feeds and now seems to be messing up the icons and 
>> graphics intermittantly (more off than on though).  Also, all the 
>> feeds that were pre-cached in the war, seem to be from 2002, does 
>> that mean that the binary version is quite out of date in terms of 
>> updates and fixes?  So if I want to use 1.x version, it should be CVS?
> CVS would be your best bet.  I haven't used J1 in a while so I can't 
> comment on your issues.  Best to post the specific problem to the list 
> and see if anyone bites.
>> Next that Jetspeed 2 is pretty much feature complete (barring beta 
>> testing bugs etc) from the backend/engine point of view, but doesn't 
>> have the non-xml editing/non-techie users administration console?
> Exactly.
>>   I assume then that the 1.x CVS copy has a similar admin console to 
>> the 1.5 binary, maybe even a bit improved?  
> Each release 1.x has done a very good job of addressing bugs and 
> improving the UI.  So, from past experience I would have to say yes.
>> How lacking is 2 CVS to 1.x CVS?  I assume the 1.x CVS still needs 
>> maven to deploy portlet wars?
> As I said before, it is a the navs and admin portlets primarily.  
> Other than that, the two are hard to compare due to their radically 
> different design architectures.
>> Finally, if I were to go with Jetspeed2, how relevant are the portlet 
>> creation tutorials from Jetspeed1 and could you recomend any online 
>> or printed resources on developing jetspeed2 portals?  
> There are a lot of books coming out on JSR-168 portlet development.  
> David Taylor is finishing one up with a couple of IBMers from the 
> Pluto project.  Someone also posted a link to a book from Wrox press a 
> couple days ago that addresses open source portlet development using 
> the JSR-168 standards.  Hopefully, within the next couple of months, 
> David Taylor and I will be able to finish up our book on Jetspeed 2 
> being published by Manning.
>> I believe that IBM websphere portal is based on jetspeed to some 
>> degree, would any of the IBM developer guides be of use, or is 
>> websphere too diverged from jetspeed?
> Way diverged!  They share nothing but the org.apache.jetspeed package 
> prefix.  I think there was schism in the Jetspeed ranks in the past 
> and IBM "took their ball and went home", so to speak.  That being 
> said, the JSR-168 portlet standard is based very closely on IBM 
> Websphere portlets.  However, I would try to stick to 100% JSR-168 
> tutorials as to avoid "vendor creep" if you will.

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