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From Damien Byrne <dby...@integria.co.uk>
Subject Re: Request for a little help evaluating Jetspeed
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 14:16:36 GMT
Hi Scott,  Thanks for replying so quickly.

If I may then summerise what you said (just to see if it filtered into 
my coffee ravaged brain :-) you seem to be indicating that whichever I 
choose, it should be a CVS version?  I have set up a test deployment of 
the 1.5 binary release and it seems to have problems refreshing rss 
feeds and now seems to be messing up the icons and graphics 
intermittantly (more off than on though).  Also, all the feeds that were 
pre-cached in the war, seem to be from 2002, does that mean that the 
binary version is quite out of date in terms of updates and fixes?  So 
if I want to use 1.x version, it should be CVS?

Next that Jetspeed 2 is pretty much feature complete (barring beta 
testing bugs etc) from the backend/engine point of view, but doesn't 
have the non-xml editing/non-techie users administration console?  I 
assume then that the 1.x CVS copy has a similar admin console to the 1.5 
binary, maybe even a bit improved?  How lacking is 2 CVS to 1.x CVS?  I 
assume the 1.x CVS still needs maven to deploy portlet wars?

Finally, if I were to go with Jetspeed2, how relevant are the portlet 
creation tutorials from Jetspeed1 and could you recomend any online or 
printed resources on developing jetspeed2 portals?  I believe that IBM 
websphere portal is based on jetspeed to some degree, would any of the 
IBM developer guides be of use, or is websphere too diverged from jetspeed?

Thanks again.


Scott T. Weaver wrote:

> Damien Byrne wrote:
>> Hello all
>> Another newbie for the world of Jetspeed here.  I'm evaluating using 
>> Jetspeed to build an internal portal to deliver small corporate 
>> applications (little simple use stuff like an app to track when 
>> customer maintenance contracts expire and stuff like that) as well as 
>> hopefully hooking into supplier systems to view orders and delivery 
>> tracking etc... your usual kind of enterprise portal stuff.
>> Others in my company are pushing for getting Websphere Portal 
>> Express, but I'd like to go the open source route.  What I'd like to 
>> know is which version of Jetspeed should I be looking at?  I see that 
>> my main choices are 1.5 binary war file, 1.5 from CVS and 2 from 
>> CVS.  Which of these is the most usable and reliable (usable is 
>> probably the most important).  At this point I am leaning toward 
>> looking at 2 as it claims to support the Sun Java Portlet API, 
>> meaning that if I developed for it and we switched to Websphere, I 
>> would have less problems porting over my portlets.  How complete is 
>> the support for the SJPAPI?
> Jetspeed 2 has 100% support for JSR-168 portlets.  We recently got 
> full passing marks on the portlet test suite.  Also, I have been 
> running both Sun One and Plumtree JSR-168 portlets in J2 for quite 
> some time now without any problems.  As for which version, Jetspeed 2 
> is still in alpha due to lack of a solid navigation api and 
> administrative portlets.  Other than that, it is ready to rock.  In 
> fact I am using it on my current project to build a reseller portal.  
> You may want to look a Jetspeed 1.6 (current CVS) as it has the 
> ability to consume JSR-168 portlets using Jetspeed Fusion which is 
> built entirely on top of Jetspeed 2.
>> Also, one of the big reasons that Websphere is being looked at, is 
>> obviously the integration between the server and their Websphere 
>> Studio applications, is Jetspeed able to integrate with any of the 
>> big Java ides, probably in particular NetBeans and / or Eclipse?  
>> Would either of these have any deployment modules available for 
>> them?  I noticed mention of an Eclipse plug-in on this page: 
>> http://wiki.apache.org/portals/Jetspeed_2d2/RoadMap but nothing else.
> There really is no need for deployment modules as Jetspeed 2 supports 
> a very slick drop-n-go deployment model.  Just pack a up a war 
> containing your portlets and drop them in the deployment directory and 
> they are automatically deployed.  Drop-n-go deployment is fully 
> supported in Tomcat 4/5 and JBoss 3.2.5.  I will eventually, when 
> permits, start working on an Eclipse plugin for Jetspeed 2.
>> Also I noticed a post just after I had joined the list asking when 
>> Jetspeed2 might be going beta, I too would like to know that (as 
>> obviously it would spur my decision).
> As soon as we get navs and admin portlets addressed, I would assume we 
> should go beta.  That being said, I can't give you a solid date.  
> However, we hope for it to be very soon.
>> Sorry about the length of this post, I hope someone on the list can 
>> take the time to answer.
> No need to apologize.  We are always glad to see interest in our 
> little project ;)
>> Thanks very much.
>> Damien Byrne
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>> Mob: 07799 382 001
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