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From "Scott T. Weaver" <scotts-jetspeed-l...@binary-designs.net>
Subject Re: Request for a little help evaluating Jetspeed
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 13:37:47 GMT
Damien Byrne wrote:

> Hello all
> Another newbie for the world of Jetspeed here.  I'm evaluating using 
> Jetspeed to build an internal portal to deliver small corporate 
> applications (little simple use stuff like an app to track when 
> customer maintenance contracts expire and stuff like that) as well as 
> hopefully hooking into supplier systems to view orders and delivery 
> tracking etc... your usual kind of enterprise portal stuff.
> Others in my company are pushing for getting Websphere Portal Express, 
> but I'd like to go the open source route.  What I'd like to know is 
> which version of Jetspeed should I be looking at?  I see that my main 
> choices are 1.5 binary war file, 1.5 from CVS and 2 from CVS.  Which 
> of these is the most usable and reliable (usable is probably the most 
> important).  At this point I am leaning toward looking at 2 as it 
> claims to support the Sun Java Portlet API, meaning that if I 
> developed for it and we switched to Websphere, I would have less 
> problems porting over my portlets.  How complete is the support for 
> the SJPAPI?

Jetspeed 2 has 100% support for JSR-168 portlets.  We recently got full 
passing marks on the portlet test suite.  Also, I have been running both 
Sun One and Plumtree JSR-168 portlets in J2 for quite some time now 
without any problems.  As for which version, Jetspeed 2 is still in 
alpha due to lack of a solid navigation api and administrative 
portlets.  Other than that, it is ready to rock.  In fact I am using it 
on my current project to build a reseller portal.  You may want to look 
a Jetspeed 1.6 (current CVS) as it has the ability to consume JSR-168 
portlets using Jetspeed Fusion which is built entirely on top of Jetspeed 2.

> Also, one of the big reasons that Websphere is being looked at, is 
> obviously the integration between the server and their Websphere 
> Studio applications, is Jetspeed able to integrate with any of the big 
> Java ides, probably in particular NetBeans and / or Eclipse?  Would 
> either of these have any deployment modules available for them?  I 
> noticed mention of an Eclipse plug-in on this page: 
> http://wiki.apache.org/portals/Jetspeed_2d2/RoadMap but nothing else.

There really is no need for deployment modules as Jetspeed 2 supports a 
very slick drop-n-go deployment model.  Just pack a up a war containing 
your portlets and drop them in the deployment directory and they are 
automatically deployed.  Drop-n-go deployment is fully supported in 
Tomcat 4/5 and JBoss 3.2.5.  I will eventually, when permits, start 
working on an Eclipse plugin for Jetspeed 2.

> Also I noticed a post just after I had joined the list asking when 
> Jetspeed2 might be going beta, I too would like to know that (as 
> obviously it would spur my decision).

As soon as we get navs and admin portlets addressed, I would assume we 
should go beta.  That being said, I can't give you a solid date.  
However, we hope for it to be very soon.

> Sorry about the length of this post, I hope someone on the list can 
> take the time to answer.

No need to apologize.  We are always glad to see interest in our little 
project ;)

> Thanks very much.
> Damien Byrne
> Technical Support Consultant
> Integria Solutions
> Mercantile Chambers
> 53 Bothwell Street
> Glasgow
> G2 6TS
> Tel: 0141 222 4900
> Mob: 07799 382 001
> /"Be liberal in what you accept, and conservative in what you send"
> Jon Postel/
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