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From Chris Custine <ccust...@home.custine.com>
Subject Tomcat dirs in build.properties and maven.xml
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 21:07:43 GMT
I am using Tomcat5 with a partitioned $CATALINA_HOME and $CATALINA_BASE 
setup and I have made some mods to my local build.properties and 
portal/maven.xml file to make everything work with this setup.  Would it 
be possible to get these changes into the codebase?

As long as the default build.properties contains the line:
org.apache.jetspeed.server.base = ${org.apache.jetspeed.server.home}
then the changes will be backward compatible with Tomcat4 as well as 
anyone with a default Tomcat 5 setup.

build.properties looks like this (for my version 5 install with separate 

# jetspeed required properties
org.apache.jetspeed.server.home = /opt/jakarta-tomcat-5.0.27
# org.apache.jetspeed.server.base = ${org.apache.jetspeed.server.home}
org.apache.jetspeed.server.base = /var/tomcat5/jetspeed
org.apache.jetspeed.catalina.version.major = 5
org.apache.jetspeed.server.shared = 
org.apache.jetspeed.deploy.war.dir = 

portal/maven.xml deploy goal looks like this: (just changing 
org.apache.jetspeed.server.home under version_major == 5 to base)

  <goal name="deploy">
        <j:when test="${catalina_version_major == '5'}" >
          <j:set var="context_dir" 


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