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From "Eric L. Wittle" <er...@wittle.net>
Subject Proposed enhancement to Jetspeed 1 maven plugin
Date Sat, 17 Jul 2004 18:27:39 GMT
I asked earlier whether there was a way to have the plugin remove files 
from the Jetspeed distribution rather than just add/modify them.  The 
answer was that there is not, but that might be a good idea.

I have a working prototype for this that adds the following property:


to the project.properties file in the custom portal root folder. This 
property takes a comma separated list of files and removes them from the 
stage directory after the distribution is unzipped/unwarred and before 
the stage is copied to the target. This is a little more kludgy than I'd 
hoped, since if you want to delete a lot of files, the property value 
gets exceedingly long.

My only other thought on how this would work would be to use the form:


If someone has examples of how to do this in Jelly that they can send 
me, I'll modify my approach. If people still think this is useful, let 
me know how to submit it. Should I create a JIRA incident and attach the 
plugin.jelly file to it?

 ericw at wittle.net

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