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From Dmitry Sklyut <Dmitry_Skl...@orcom.com>
Subject RE: [J1] Forward Service Problem
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 14:18:32 GMT
Thanks for response.

I got around this for now by forwarding to the maximized state of the same
portlet and changing the template in build method.

This is not the perfect solution as you can see, because I have to invoke
the buildNormal from buildMax just to make sure that I have all the data for
the maximized detail.

I will try to put a sample PSML together and mail it to you.



-----Original Message-----
From: David Sean Taylor [mailto:david@bluesunrise.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2004 1:12 AM
To: Jetspeed Developers List
Subject: Re: [J1] Forward Service Problem

On Thursday, January 29, 2004, at 01:01  PM, Dmitry Sklyut wrote:

>> Hi All,
>> I have a problem using the Forward service.  Here is the situation:
>> I have a set of portlets one of them has a detail link that uses
>> <jetspeed:forward> to forward to a different page.psml and portlet.  
>> Once
>> I am done with that portlet I would lile to go back to where I came 
>> from.
>> So I declared another forward to the pane that I came from.  The 
>> forward
>> to a portlet works like a champ, but the forward back does not.
>> Here is my forwards declaration:
>> 	<forward name='highbill'>
>> 	    <page name='default.psml' role='csr'/>
>> 	    <pane id='P-f9a04b6fec-10001'/>
>> 	</forward>
>> 	<forward name='billnoticedetail'>
>> 	    <page name='billnoticedetail' role='csr'/>
>> 	    <portlet id='P-fa5ec14b8a-10001' action='controls.Maximize'/>
>> 	</forward>
>> What I think is happening is <jetspeed:pane> tag on the Home.jsp 
>> checks
>> for the js_peid.  js_peid is the id of the portlet on the
>> "billnoticedetail" page i.e. <portlet id='P-fa5ec14b8a-10001'
>> action='controls.Maximize'/>.  This messes everything up as all I 
>> want is
>> to go to a pane on the default page.  The tag on the Home.jsp is this
>> <jetspeed:pane name="default"/> and the code for the tag:
>> if (data != null && data.getUser() != null)
>> {
>>  JetspeedTool jt = new JetspeedTool(data);
>>  String jspeid = (String) data.getUser().getTemp("js_peid");
>>  if (jspeid != null)
>>  {
>>      data.setMode(JetspeedRunData.MAXIMIZE);
>>      result = jt.getPortletById(jspeid);
>>  }
>>  else
>>  {
>>      result = jt.getPane(this.name);
>>  }
>> }
>> From this code it seems that I will never be able to hit the pane
>> specified in the forward declaration no matter what I do.  Has anyone 
>> had
>> a similar issue?  How did you resolve it?
>> Currently I only see one way of doing it is to have a hidden form and 
>> have
>> my "Back" link submit that form.  That form would call a Turbine 
>> Action
>> that will do a Java ForwardService.forwardDynamic() call.  But that 
>> seems
>> a little excessive to me. I will also have to clear the js_peid from 
>> the
>> temp user storage....
Im also finding that putting the pane or peid in the session to track 
navigational state can be problematic.
Regarding your forwarding problem, I think it would be best if you sent 
me some sample PSML and your forward XML
I will then try to debug it

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