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From "Jeremy Ford" <caius1...@hotmail.com>
Subject [J1] [PROPOSAL] Secure Actions enhancement
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2004 04:44:38 GMT
The following proposal was spawned by this log in bugzilla:  

The issue that needs to be addressed is securing the portlet actions.  While 
it is possible for each action to implement its own security checking, it 
would be nice for there to be classes that one can simple derive from that 
already does the checking for you.  Looking at the various portlet actions 
provided by Jetspeed, there are 3 main classes that provide portlet action 
support; GenericMVCAction, JspPortletAction, and VelocityPortletAction.

I propose providing 3 new classes; SecureGenericMVCAction, 
SecureJspPortletAction, and SecureVelocityPortletAction.  These 3 actions 
would extend GenericMVCAction, JspPortletAction, and VelocityPortletAction.  
The actions would override the perform(RunData) method with the following 

if(JetspeedSecurity.canUseSecureAction(rundata)) {

The canUseSecureAction function would defer to a new method in the 
JetspeedSecurityService implementation which would provide an algorithm that 
determines if the current user is an administrator.  The currently proposed 
algorithm is to compare the list of roles that the user is associated with a 
list of allowed roles in the JetspeedSecurity.properties file.  If there is 
a match, the user is allowed access to the action.

Proposed Classes:

Proposed Extensions:
New method to Jetspeed security canUseSecureAction

Proposed property file changes:

As always, comments are welcome as well as any suggestions or total 
rewrites. :)


Jeremy Ford

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