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From Jun Yang <juny...@cisco.com>
Subject Re: FYI: work in progress
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2004 04:27:45 GMT
Hi Bill,

I am very excited at hearing this effort!  This is definitely not an 
easy task.  Thanks for doing it!  Please let me know if I can be of any 


Barnhill William wrote:

> Hello all,
> Just so everyone knows, I am currently working on a commons-services 
> package,  to attempt to do for service frameworks what commons-logging 
> has does for logging frameworks. It is progressing, but not yet ready 
> to publish. I plan to post code and docs on my web site when it's 
> ready.  I'll provide the URL at that time.  My aim is for this to be 
> accepted into the Jakarta commons sandbox, if I can develop sufficient 
> interest in the package.
> The purpose of the package is to provide a common services API 
> suitable for use in an enterprise environment.  This package would 
> perform the same role for various service frameworks that te Jakarta 
> commons-logging package does for logging frameworks.
> The requirements I am currently working from follow, and comments are 
> both welcome and appreciated:
> 1. MUST eat it's own dogfood when possible :), i.e. MUST user Jakarta 
> packages where applicable such as commons-logging and 
> commons-configuration
> 2. MUST NOT access property files, but instead use commons-configuration
> 3. MUST have a helper class that has a method to read a property file 
> into a commons-configuration HierarchicalConfiguration
> 4. MUST have a helper class that has a method to write a 
> commons-configuration HierarchicalConfiguration into a property file
> 5. MUST NOT access XML files, but instead use a 
> HierarchicalConfigurationXmlReader to access the XML stored within a 
> HierarchicalConfiguration
> 6. MUST not express any knowedge of a particular service framework in 
> the core package.
> 7. Services MUST be requested via a lookup mechanism based on resource 
> URIs. The following are the only requirements for the resource URI: 
> (1) It is Hierarchial, (2) It is not Opaque.  The specific scheme and 
> path meanings are purposely not specified and would be decided outside 
> this framework, but the following URI formats are offered for possible 
> use:
>   ifc.java:///fully/qualified/pkg/ifcname -- To lookup a service by 
> the interface it provides
>   ifc.java:///fully/qualified/pkg/  -- to look up a list of services 
> that provide interfaces in this package    
> ifc.java:///fully/qualified/pkg/...  -- to look up a list of services 
> that provide interfaces in this package and all subpackages    
> role:///role/hiearchary/rolename -- To lookup a service by the role 
> that it fulfills
>   role:///role/hiearchary/  -- To lookup a list of services that 
> fulfill any role at that specified heirarchy level
>   role:///role/hiearchary/... -- To lookup a list of services that 
> fulfill any role at that specified heirarchy level and any sublevels
> 8. The interfaces and conceptual purpose of its methods MUST coincide 
> with the following statements:
> a. ServiceToolkit -- Manages ServiceFactorySource instances and their 
> associated metadata
> b. ServiceFactorySource -- Maps resource Ids to ServiceFactories, 
> providing the ServiceFactories and their associated metadata
> c. ServiceFactory -- Provides the ability to request/release service 
> instances, based on the passed resource identifier or service id
> d. ServiceEventListener -- Event listener for service events, this 
> expected to be exposed as a service by event capable components.
> e. ServiceEvent -- Encapsulate an event passed to services, includes 
> an event identifier URI and a map containing event data.
> 9. An example implementation of an adapter package MUST be provided 
> that uses these interfaces to provide access to a known service 
> framework. The initial implementation will be for Avalon's Merlin 
> framework.  Two other implementations are planned: Cornerstone, WSIF
> Basically this is just to let everyone know my current intent, and 
> that my notes on Cornerstone are on hold until after the package is done.
> The interfaces and configuration section are almost done, and I have 
> started the Avalon adapter package.
> As soon as the Avalon adapter package is working I will post URLs to 
> sources and binaries for the following packages:
> (1) org.apache.commons.services.api.*
> (2) org.apache.commons.services.util.*
> (3) org.apache.commons.services.avalon.*
> (4) org.apache.commons.services.demo.*
> Obviously, if I cannot get enough support for including this into the 
> commons then I'll need to change the org.apache.commons portion of the 
> package names.
> Thanks,
> Bill Barnhill 

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