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From BaTien Duong <batien.du...@dbgroups.com>
Subject Re: [J2] Service Framework Proposal
Date Sat, 03 Jan 2004 15:04:23 GMT
Mestrallet benjamin wrote:

>BaTien wrote :
>"There is nothing new to this. We did the same thing using singleton as a single entry
point of a specialized group of services in our Universal Integration Layer where all services
from different frameworks can be plugged in."
>Yes and people before you too, this is not the point at all... You have to be blind not
to see the solution presented in the doc file comes from the eXo platform design, which is
actually a good thing for us ;). Even some parts of the code are taken from what we wrote
6 months ago.
I have not looked at eXo (or even downloaded it)  nor J2 code (except 
the cornerstone) so I am not in a good position to say one way or the 
other. Generally speaking, intelectual honesty is a good professional 


>The fact that nowhere, our project is stated is not a good practise. Each time we use
or talk of an Open Source project we always quote its name, even if those projects are in
the same area :). I also think that most of members of your community thinks the same.
>Now I wish you to choose the best lightweight framework for your needs and an happy new
>Benjamin Mestrallet
>eXo platform® project leader
>eXo platform SARL manager

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