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From patrick chanezon <Patrick.Chane...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: portals.apache.org
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2003 16:37:07 GMT
Excellent idea.


David Sean Taylor wrote:

> I would like to propose creating a new top level project (TLP) at 
> Apache: portals.apache.org
> Before doing so, I've started this email thread to introduce the concept.
> Could you all please provide some feedback and opinions so we can see 
> if everyone stands behind this new TLP.
> The proposal for portals.apache.org is based on bringing together 
> communities from all of the portal-related projects at Jakarta:
> 1. Jetspeed
> 2. Jetspeed-2
> 3. Pluto
> 4. WSRP-4J
> 5. Portlet Applications ....
> These projects would be moved out of jakarta.apache.org and into 
> portals.apache.org for ex portals.apache.org/jetspeed or 
> portals.apache.org/pluto
> Goals of portals.apache.org:
> 1. To promote the use of portlet applications. We view portlets as an 
> important technology in the growing portal and web application 
> environments.  We intend to build freely available portlet 
> applications, portal servers, and portlet containers in order to 
> promote the use of this technology.
> 2. To encourage developers from all Apache portal projects to work 
> together and share common code
> 3. To develop Portlet Applications and Portlet Application frameworks 
> at portals.apache.org and grow the portal community here. Portlet 
> Applications will be managed as sub-projects.
>     Portal Applications will enable a higher level of application 
> development while cleanly separating the development of portals such 
> as Jetspeed from applications code.
> 4. To provide a community for portal-related Java and XML standards 
> and reference implementations under the ASF license at portals.apache.org
> Note that I have cross-posted to all three (Jetspeed, Pluto, and 
> WSRP4J) mailing lists.
> To respond across mailing lists, respond to ALL.
> Not sure if this is the best solution, since Im going to receive 3 
> emails being that Im a member of all 3 lists.
> But this allows for a cross-discussions between the three developer 
> groups on this thread.
> (I will also post this same message to the 3 user lists tomorrow.)
> Regarding Cocoon's portal, I don't understand Cocoon's portal well 
> enough to say it should or should not be a part of portals.apache.org.
> I have doubts that they would want to decouple from Cocoon, but you 
> don't know until you ask.
> Of course the Cocoon community is welcome and we should discuss how 
> this can happen.
> -- 
> David Sean Taylor
> Bluesunrise Software
> david@bluesunrise.com
> [office]   +01 707 773-4646
> [mobile] +01 707 529 9194

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