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From Nikolaos Athanasis <athan...@ics.forth.gr>
Subject PSML data.
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 20:20:28 GMT

If i do not have configured to store the psml files of a created user in
my DBMS, then how can jetspeed find out what portlets a user has, when he
loggs out and then loggs in again?

To be more clear: I create a new user. I add some portlets to my user.
These portlets create a psml file , is this right?
If the user logs out, and then logs in again, how can jetspeed represent
his portlets? I see that in the ${JETSPEED_HOME}/webapp/WEB-INF/psml/user
folder, only anon, turbine and admin exist.

How can jetspeed find the psml of a new created user?


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