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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject drag drop customizer
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2003 10:57:42 GMT
I committed a set of new drag and drop controllers.
With these controllers, you can customize your page with drag and drop 
on the client side.
To try it out, go to the page customizer, and from the layout drop 
down, you have 5 new choices:

Enhanced Three columns (25/50/25)
Enhanced Three columns (33/34/33)
Enhanced Two columns (25/75)
Enhanced Two columns (50/50)
Enhanced Two columns (75/25)

Once you select one of the layouts above, you can then customize by 
dragging and dropping portlets

In addition, there is a Delay-rendering feature added to the 
There is one new demo portlet: Delay-rendered Stock Portfolio, which is 
an example of delay rendering a portlet.
Delay rendering of a portlet means that you can get the content back to 
the client more quickly.
Very useful if you have a portlet that takes more time than others to 
generate its content.
This effectively gives us multi-threaded aggregation with a very simple 
The portlet uses Javascript to get its content from the portal.
A small message is sent as the original content, and then when the 
content is ready, the actual content is sent and the page is updated.

Please try out these new features and let us know if they work for you

Both of these features were written and contributed by Jun Yang.

David Sean Taylor
Bluesunrise Software
+01 707 773-4646
+01 707 529 9194
+44 (0)79 8538 6471

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