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From BaTien Duong <batien.du...@dbgroups.com>
Subject Re: Service and Component Frameworks
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 03:09:06 GMT
Jun Yang wrote:

> Hi BaTien,
> Your questions are very interesting!  Thanks for asking them.  My 
> comments are below.
> BaTien Duong wrote:
>> Jun Yang wrote:
>> Here are links to the Cornerstone docs.  Warning: they may not be 
>> light reading material and nevertheless are food for thought.
>> Jetspeed Cornerstone Concepts
>> http://www.bluesunrise.com/jetspeed-docs/cornerstone-concepts.pdf
>> Jetspeed Cornerstone Presentation
>> http://www.bluesunrise.com/jetspeed-docs/CornerstoneFramework2.pdf (PDF)
>> http://www.bluesunrise.com/jetspeed-docs/CornerstoneFramework2.ppt 
>> (PowerPoint)
>> Any comments and questions are welcome.  Another document "Jetspeed 
>> Cornerstone Sample Code" will follow soon with runnable demo package.
>> Jun
>> Hello Jun:
>> J2-Cornerstone is very interesting. Two questions:
>>    1) Have you thought of making HiveMind an implementation variant 
>> of j2-cornerstone with HiveMind service extend Cornerstone BaseService.
> Yes, Cornerstone is can implement other service frameworks and give 
> them complete configurability (in 4 dimensions: components, 
> relationships, control flows and preservation of customization across 
> upgrades).  Yes, HiveMind services can be implemented either as 
> Cornerstone services (by extending BaseService) or as completely 
> different services (by implementing e.g. a HiveMindServiceManager that 
> creates HiveMind services).  And better yet, Cornerstone services and 
> HiveMind servivces can coexist without interfering each other.  This 
> shows how general Cornerstone is (with a high abstraction level).  I 
> don't know if the reverse (implementing Cornerstone with HiveMind) can 
> be done or not.

That is why I find J2-Cornerstone is interesting and will spend some 
time on it. Your vision of mass customization and component assembling 
is very real. I am 100% in it.

>>    2) Have you thought of making Commons-Chain as a cornerstone 
>> ServiceController.
> Sure.  That would be a great example of how Cornerstone allows you to 
> implement your own service controllers, however different it may be. 

Expert best practice advices are required here.

>> Any thought on the combining J2-Cornerstone + HiveMind + Commons-Chain?
> We can certainly look into it.  However, I think different frameworks 
> are designed for different purposes and thus each has its own reason 
> of existence.

The key is to get the best features of different frameworks for 
different jobs (best practice), while remain totally flexible. Open 
source become an exiting place to work.


>> BaTien
> Jun
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