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From Jun Yang <juny...@cisco.com>
Subject Re: Service and Component Frameworks
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2003 01:10:32 GMT
In the Jetspeed Cornerstone Concepts paper, we have a number of 
Comparison to Other Work boxes for the purpose of comparing it with 
other (unamed) frameworks and pointing out the unique features of 
Cornerstone.  We attempted at a comprehensive comparison with Hivemind, 
Spring and Pico Container and found it too difficult because it requires 
much more than superficial knowledge of those frameworks.  It will be a 
great thing if experts of those frameworks can contribute their views.  


BaTien Duong wrote:

> This is exciting. A technical comparision with other opensource 
> frameworks such as Hivemind and Pico container by the author(s) of 
> Jetspeed Cornerstone may be helpfull. Will the author(s) care to give 
> a subjective rating on the maturity of different frameworks?
> I will find some time to look at the source codes.
> BaTien
> Jun Yang wrote:
>> Here are links to the Cornerstone docs.  Warning: they may not be 
>> light reading material and nevertheless are food for thought.
>> Jetspeed Cornerstone Concepts
>> http://www.bluesunrise.com/jetspeed-docs/cornerstone-concepts.pdf
>> Jetspeed Cornerstone Presentation
>> http://www.bluesunrise.com/jetspeed-docs/CornerstoneFramework2.pdf (PDF)
>> http://www.bluesunrise.com/jetspeed-docs/CornerstoneFramework2.ppt 
>> (PowerPoint)
>> Any comments and questions are welcome.  Another document "Jetspeed 
>> Cornerstone Sample Code" will follow soon with runnable demo package.
>> Jun
>> David Sean Taylor wrote:
>>> Im starting a little informal thread discussing Service and 
>>> Component Frameworks.
>>> Currently we are using Fulcrum in Jetspeed-2.
>>> While I do like Fulcrum and it has been very useful for us, there 
>>> are now more advanced service frameworks available.
>>> All services in J2 are implemented as Common Portlet Services. The 
>>> goal of CPS was to act as a layer so that we could more easily swap 
>>> out Fulcrum in the future. I think that time has come and we need to 
>>> start reviewing the other frameworks and make a decision.
>>> The frameworks we have considering are:
>>> 1. Hivemind
>>> 2. Pico Container
>>> 3. Jetspeed Cornerstone (not to be confused with Avalon Cornerstone)
>>> 4. Avalon
>>> I really like what I've seen in Hivemind, however the current 
>>> licensing issues concern me.
>>> I also think that Cornerstone, contributed by the Cisco team to 
>>> Jetspeed, is very powerful.
>>> Are there other service frameworks we should be considering?

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