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From BaTien Duong <batien.du...@dbgroups.com>
Subject Re: [JETSPEED 2] Choosing a component framework/micro-kernel
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 18:03:42 GMT
Weaver, Scott wrote:

>I have been evaluating component/service/kernel frameworks.  So far, I really like what
I see in Avalon Phoenix, it seems right down the alley of what we are trying to accomplish.
 It also has built-in in JMX to manage components.
>I briefly looked at picocontainer, very cool, however it is somewhat young where as Phoenix
has quite a few projects built upon it, including Apache James.  Same goes for Hivemind with
respect to being a less mature project.
>I would love if everyone who has used/researched any of these products give me a summary
of their findings/experiences so as we can make the best choice for Jetspeed.
I had a casual look at HiveMind, SpringFramework, and Pico. My first 
impression is that different frameworks will meet different 
requirements. A flexible, non-intrusive framework is better than a 
rigid, my way or the high way, framework. Different frameworks must live 
together since no single one can be the answer for all architecture issues.

In this sense, HiveMind seems to be better than the one based on Avalon. 
There was some comparison of HiveMind and Avalon by someone who is 
familiar with both, posted on this list sometimes ago. HiveMind fits as 
a centralized registry of services and extension points, which is what 
the portal and portlet containers are.

Both SpringFramework and Pico seems to design for any arbitrary 
container and can fit as extension point(s) in HiveMind. There is some 
comparion (probably with some bias) between SpringFramework and Pico on 
the SpringFramework site.

I will spend some more time with HiveMind, especially HiveMind with 
Commons Chain.


>I realize we had a recently discussed this in passed thread, but I want to keep this alive
as we need to make this decision very soon.  Plus, I want to have as much community involvement/input
on this choice as possible.
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