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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject Jetspeed-2 Design Questions
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 03:40:42 GMT
On Wednesday, September 10, 2003, at 11:23  AM, BaTien Duong wrote:
> Howdy:
  I chose a subject for you :)

> I am just a starter and decided to work with Jetspeed-2.  In reviewing 
> the JSR-168 specs, some important questions popped up:
>    1)  Related to user profile and portlet preferences, can we extend 
> the JSR-168 with the portlet context name/object rather than 
> name/String or name/String[].  With the name/object pair  of 
> PortletContext (PortletPreferences), we will be more aligned with > 

Not sure if I understand this question. I don't recommend extending the 
specification if we want to make our portlets portable.

>    2) For the general pattern of action/context, is there any 
> intention to incorporate commons *Chain of Responsibility* pattern in 
> Jetspeed-2 action/context design. I see the commons CoR a powerfull 
> framework and will play a significant role in the design of all web 
> tiers.

There has been only minimal work done in the action coding, so yes this 
is very possible, why not?
You should also have a look at the Pluto code (when it becomes 
available), since a lot of action processing logic is there

>    3) Is there any intention to clearly separate Portal server from 
> Portlet container? If people want to leverage on Tomcat, they can use 
> Jetspeed portal server. If the company decides to use other portal 
> server, they can just use Jetspeed portlet container.

No sure if that question is clear.
Tomcat is not a portlet container.
We have separated the portlet container, Pluto, from the portal server, 
However we also coupled Jetspeed to use Pluto APIs.
We have been discussing creating a portal/container API, which is not 
under the scope of the portlet api but I believe this would be a 
valuable area to standardize.

>    4) I hear discussion of some commiter(s) on the integration between 
> Jetspeed and Slide for CMS. Is there any intention to include Slide 
> authorization pattern of subject -> action -> object in the portlet 
> context (PortletConfig) and preferences (PortletPreferences)?

I think Christophe could best respond on Slide's authorization process, 
Im not familiar with it although the pattern you are describing does 
sound very familiar with regards to any authorization process. The code 
right now has no security checks, but does faithfully retrieve data 
from the registry (portlet config) and preference registry.
This is a good time to start a discussion on security. See the previous 
email thread :)

>    5) Is there any plan to integrate portlet container with SOAP 
> server to enable portlet container as WSRP comsumer / producer?
I don't have any immediate plans but others might.
Im trying to limit the scope of my development to implementing the Java 
Portlet api first.

> Thanks
> BaTien

David Sean Taylor
Bluesunrise Software
+01 707 773-4646
+01 707 529 9194

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