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From "Pernoud Aurelien" <apern...@sopragroup.com>
Subject RE: WebClippingPortlet
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 14:54:44 GMT

I didn't test it but if I understand how it works, everytime the page you try to "clip" changes,
you have to change your xreg isn't it ?

If so, commiting the source is a good idea, but not commiting xreg files, or at least not
put them into default psml, cause everytimes someone tries jetspeed with an old xreg clip
file and a new web site, it won't work...

As the documentation seems good, I'm personnally +1 on integrating the portlets source/docs,
0 on integrating xreg sample, and -1 on putting them on default psml, except if you can find
one sample page that will never change.
My 0 is because if samples are in xreg, someone will have to maintain it...

PS for Mark : I've done some works on tabs skinning (for the moment 3 parts), I'm learning
how to use cvs in eclipse (don't want to mess it), and I'll try to commit some stuff ASAP.

Marco Mari a écrit :

> I'm really glad that you appreciate my job!
> If you commit it, that's a great result for my thesis!
> I've tried to improve the 2 examples you don't like:
> -Unipr homepage is only an example of "swapping" columns, and it's
> difficult to improve, because this page it's not clipping friendly at
> all.. 
> -for Mozilla homepage you can try these settings, the result is a
> more tidy clipping:
>    <parameter name="Tag1" value="img" hidden="false"/>
>    <parameter name="startTag2" value="div id=foundationBox"
>    hidden="false"/> <parameter name="stopTag2" value="div"
>    hidden="false"/> <parameter name="startTag3" value="td
>    id=mozillaQuoteCell" hidden="false"/> <parameter name="stopTag3"
> value="td" hidden="false"/> 
> Anyway, you can choose your favourite examples, I've not particular
> preferences (but I think 'Organized content example' and 'Different
> URLs example' can show well all portlet features).
> Best regards,
> Marco

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