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From Todd Kuebler <tkueb...@cisco.com>
Subject Re: Extending VelocityPortlet
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 18:53:17 GMT

Can I ask the purpose of your sub-classing?  With the introduction of the 
GenericMVCPortlet most tasks that used to be accomplished via sub-classing 
one of the templating language portlets can now be accomplished either via 
a simple config change or writing a new view processor.  Could you describe 
what you are trying to accomplish?


At 12:17 PM 7/10/2003 +0300, Sami Leino wrote:
> > Recompile your class against the new jetspeed jar. Some change in
> > signatures could be making it not load, and the
> > IncompatibleClassChangeError or LinkageError be hidden from the logs :-(
>I tried it without success. However, I performed the following steps in
>order to try to find out the origin of the problem:
>1) Checked out a clean codebase from CVS
>2) Subclassed VelocityPortlet and placed it outside package
>3) Configured .xreg files to use the new subclass
>4) Made a copy of one Velocity Action class (RegistryBrowseAction) and
>placed it outside package org.apache.jetspeed.modules.actions.portlets.
>5) Configured .xreg file to use the new action class.
>After performing these 5 steps, the Media Types Browser portlet still ran
>without any errors. These 5 steps eliminated the possibility that the
>problem could be somewhere in the Jetspeed codebase. I suspect that
>there's a conflict between Jetspeed's current configuration files and my
>own "legacy" configuration files, and this conflict causes the error to
>Sami Leino
>Software Developer, Netorek Oy, Turku, Finland
>Email: sami@netorek.fi
>Phone: +358 44 0140499
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