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From "Jeremy Ford" <caius1...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: registry question
Date Thu, 01 May 2003 13:35:59 GMT
Thanks for the info.

Jeremy Ford

>From: David Sean Taylor <david@bluesunrise.com>
>Reply-To: "Jetspeed Developers List" <jetspeed-dev@jakarta.apache.org>
>To: "Jetspeed Developers List" <jetspeed-dev@jakarta.apache.org>
>Subject: Re: registry question
>Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 21:10:43 -0700
>On Wednesday, April 30, 2003, at 08:35  PM, Jeremy Ford wrote:
>>I'm working on updating the registry editors and had a question regarding
>>where I should retrieve some information.  In both the portlet and the
>>control registry, an entry can have a list of media types.  Instead of a
>>text entry, I'm wanting to create a combo box with the list of valid media
>>types. Should the value of the media types come from the names listed in 
>>media types registry?  That's my current assumption but I wanted to double
>>Jeremy Ford
>yes, for example, the name attribute below:
><media-type-entry name="html"
>also see the online docs:
>David Sean Taylor
>Bluesunrise Software
>+01 707 773-4646
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