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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject Re: Jetspeed and Jboss
Date Thu, 01 May 2003 19:49:40 GMT

On Thursday, May 1, 2003, at 12:28  PM, Darren Hartford wrote:

> I guess that last post was confusing. I'll be more specific on what I 
> need and see if the general community feels these are good 
> requirements for everyone, or if it is too specific.  Basically, how 
> can I use what is already built into the application server (Jboss in 
> this instance)?
> 1. Username/Password/Authentication:  All Authentication for most of 
> my web applications are already implemented in JBoss. Can Jetspeed use 
> JBoss for Authentication?

Can we make calls from Java into JBoss authentication services?
If so, then yes, you can wrapper these calls inside a new 
Jetspeed-JBossAuthentication service.

> 2. Groups/Roles/Authorization part1: Jboss has Authorization 
> capability already in place.  Can Jetspeed use Jboss for > Authorization?

Can we make calls from Java into JBoss authorization services?
If so, then yes, you can wrapper these calls inside a new 
Jetspeed-JBossAuthorization service.

> Maybe I'm just asking for too much, but where this functionality is 
> already available in most Application Server platforms, I would think 
> the easy way to get Jetspeed running is to make some configuration 
> changes (in WEB-INF folder), WAR, and deploy Jetspeed and start 
> running with the already in-place Authentication and Authorization 
> systems.
Start by looking here:


> 3. Permissions/Authorization part2:  Users already exist, just need to 
> handle default permissions and how to add/modify/remove permissions. 
> The existing Torque/Turbine still talks to a database, so maybe 
> continue with the default HSQL to handle non-default permissions based 
> on USERID from Authentication?

There are UserManagement  and PermissionManagement interfaces in 
Jetspeed. You can plug in your implementations for JBoss.

btw - please don't cross post to both jetspeed-user and jetspeed-dev.
You are receiving responses on both lists now.

Also see:


David Sean Taylor
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