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From Lester Ward <lw...@tagaudit.com>
Subject RE: Jetspeed and Jboss
Date Thu, 01 May 2003 22:01:45 GMT
>  Basically, how can I use what is already built into the 
> application server (Jboss in this instance)?

Ah! I get it now.

> 1. Username/Password/Authentication:  All Authentication for 
> most of my web applications are already implemented in JBoss. 
> Can Jetspeed use JBoss for Authentication?

I'm just getting started with Jetspeed so I'm not so sure about overriding
it, but I am positive you can do this in Turbine. That is, Turbine allows
you to override their security system with your own classes. It should be
relatively trivial to build wrapper classes that use the Turbine interface
(for communication to and from Jetspeed), but underneath call the JBoss
access methods. (I'd assume, since Jetspeed is built on Turbine, that its
override system is similar to -- or, in fact, actually is -- Turbine's

> 2. Groups/Roles/Authorization part1: Jboss has Authorization 
> capability already in place.  Can Jetspeed use Jboss for 
> Authorization?

As above.

> 3. Permissions/Authorization part2:  Users already exist, 
> just need to handle default permissions and how to 
> add/modify/remove permissions. The existing Torque/Turbine 
> still talks to a database, so maybe continue with the default 
> HSQL to handle non-default permissions based on USERID from 
> Authentication?

Turbine also allows "extension" of their user model. It is pretty easy (see

If someone builds this type of an security class override, it might be
better to make them part of Turbine rather than Jetspeed (again, I'm just
starting with Jetspeed, so this may not be possible). It seems like the
functionality would be generic enough that other Turbine-based apps can use

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