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From "Twadell, Daniel M" <Daniel.Twad...@jbosc.ksc.nasa.gov>
Subject jetspeed.ldif date format LDAP USAGE
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 15:33:42 GMT
Hi all, 
using the LDAP config
I noticed many warnings in the jetspeed log regarding date format exceptions

the problem seems to be the date format of the prepopulated users in the
jetspeed.ldif distribution having dates formatted like:
lastlogindate: 2002.12.09 AD at 01:01:49 AM GMT+02:00
and the code trying to parse them with a dateformat of
protected final static String LDAP_DATE_PATTERN = "yyyyMMddmmHHss'Z'";

changing the dates to right format cleans up these issues...

I am trying to verify the last login date changing and cant seem to
figureout why sometimes the data is updated and sometimes not, will let you
know if I find any probs

attached is a revised jetspeed.ldif with the dates changed, if you want to
use this.

thanks and regards 


>  <<jetspeed_date_change.ldif>> 

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