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From "Stuart Belden" <SBel...@bjc.org>
Subject Tabs, Menus, and isSelected; a fix/propsal
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 17:48:35 GMT
Jetspeed doesn't select the correct tabs or menus when you follow a link that uses js_panename,
as opposed to js_paneid,  to get a portlet.  For example, say you have a menu pane layout
with several portlets in the menu.  In one portlet you have a link, by name, to another portlet
in the menu.  Following that link will load the correct portlet but will leave the original
menu item selected. 

I have a real small patch to VelocityPanedPortletController that fixes the above problem in
all instances I tested, but it changes the current default selection behavior.  A good example
of this is the admin's User Browser portlet.  Currently, clicking on "edit" loads the User
edit portlet and selects the Security Tab and the User Browser menu item.  With my fix doing
the same action selects the Security tab and NONE of the menu items, since the UserForm portlet
is not in the menu (_menustate is "closed").

I think not selecting the User Browser portlet when clicking edit is the correct behavior
and should be patched. Thoughts otherwise?

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