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From Todd Kuebler <tkueb...@cisco.com>
Subject Re: Configuration of first page.
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 19:51:30 GMT
Hi Nikos,

I think this question is probably more appropriate for the jetspeed-user list.

Check out the Jetspeed Tutorial at: 

The short answers to your questions are inline below.

At 10:23 PM 4/1/2003 +0300, you wrote:
>What actions are needed in case I want to change the layout of the first
>page of my Jetspeed page?

If you want to change the look and feel of the page layout itself you want 
to familiarize yourself with the top level template a bit, then probably 
edit one of the top/bottom/left templates it refers to.  The following 
locations can be modified in your TurbineResources.properties or 
JetspeedResources.properties files but are for the default jetspeed 

top level: <webappRoot>/WEB-INF/templates/vm/layouts/html/default.vm

If you have switched the default templating language to jsp, substitute the 
vm for jsp.

>For example, how can i add a new portlet and show it in the first page?
>The portlet does not need to have any actions (just show some text).

The part of the portal page that is the individual portlets layed out in 
various ways is placed at the location in the top level template 
(default.vm) where it says $screenPlaceholder.  That is managed by 
Jetspeed's various layout managers based on the individualized portal 
description found in a particular user's (or role's) PSML. PSML is an XML 
document that describes a portal, with the different pages/tabs and the 
portlets they contain.  It is used to render that middle part of Jetspeed's 
page that contains the portlets.

When a user logs in for the first time they are given a PSML document (or 
if role based behavior is enabled a particular role, which maps to a PSML 
document).  When they interact with the portal to add portlets or change 
their behavior or layout their PSML document gets changed to reflect this.

You can look at a PSML document 
at:  <webAppRoot>/WEB-INF/psml/anon/html/en/default.psml

For a more complete description please refer to the Tutorial URL I gave above.

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