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From "Mark Orciuch" <mark_orci...@yahoo.com>
Subject RE: Question about JspAction
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 19:05:51 GMT
> Yup, it works ;)

Cool, I'll make the change and un-deprecate the original method signature.

> In the same vein...
> I have also noticed inconsistencies between the VelocityPortlet
> and JspPortlet in terms of overriding the template.
> VelocityPortlet uses a per request template override via Context,
> which is initialized every request.  On the other hand JspPortlet
> is using per-session template override via
> PortletSessionState.setAttribute.   This kind of threw when I
> restored from by custom jsp portlet customizer and the customize
> screen was there instead of the default template that, IMOHO,
> should have been there.

I seem to remember attempting to use
data.getRequest().setAttribute(JspPortlet.TEMPLATE, template) to achieve
per-request scope but I ran into problems. If I remember correctly, with
multiple JspPortlets on the same page, overriding template this way changed
the template for ALL JspPortlets. Isn't the request object shared between
all instances of JspPortlet on single pane whereas each VelocityPortlet gets
its own context object? Please set me straight on that.

> I think it should be decided on which way this should work for
> all types of template-based portlets, either per-request or
> per-session.  It could easily work both ways depending on the
> portlet developer's intention by allowing the developer to
> specify a "template.override.ttl" in the registry on a
> per-portlet basis.  Values could be either "request" or "session"
> and should default to "request" as it is what most developers
> will be used to.

I agree. You can log that as an enhancement in Bugzilla.

Best regards,

Mark Orciuch - morciuch@apache.org
Jakarta Jetspeed - Enterprise Portal in Java

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