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From "Jon Evans" <jon.ev...@misgl.com>
Subject Re: PATCH LocalizationService
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2003 10:12:50 GMT
Hi Massimiliano,

Massimiliano Dessi wrote:
> Please see the attached patch.
> The different with the previous version it's the private method
> searchKey(Locale locale, String key)
> used by getString(String bundleName, Locale locale, String key).
> The key it's search in the firstbundle, if it' not found it's search in the
> second and so on until the key it's found.

But, that functionality is already there in TurbineLocalizationService. 
  Why duplicate it?

Also I don't see the point of re-implementing all of the methods you 
are overriding, then calling super.<method> every time.  Isn't that the 
whole point of extending another class?  Why stop there, why not also 
re-implement getClass() etc.? :-)

The only thing needed in JetspeedLocalizationService is the 
functionality to choose a Locale based on a request parameter, that's 
why my patch removed all methods except getLocale(RunData).  It works 
fine, and although I'm not using it in a production environment yet I 
have 2 development sites using that code.

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