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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Re: NNTP Porlet
Date Sun, 09 Mar 2003 11:33:20 GMT
Kevin McIntyre wrote:
> Using NNTP I've created a "Threaded Discussion" Portlet.  I would like to
> contribute.  It works with James, extending NNTPRepositoryImpl 
> to remove threads for moderated discussion.  
> Is it necessary to Internationalize before contributing? 

I would be nice :-)

But I don't think a portlet which brings a James dependency should be 
inside jetspeed. (Maybe I understood it wrong).

As a matter of fact, we are in the process of stabilizing Jetspeed 1 and 
planning a move to Jetspeed-2.

My personal opinion (but I think most developers will agree) is that 
Jetspeed and portlets should be separate modules in the future.

Jetspeed 2 will ship with functionality as a portal tool 
(administration), and a few key or simple demo portlets.

Jetspeed will have separate modules for hosting development of portlets 
like what you are proposing, shipping in different "portlet 
applications". The original proposal for the Portlet API included 
facilities for doing this. I don't think they will drop it, since it is 
a highly desirable feature.

So, while I think it will be worthwhile to look more into your proposal, 
I suggest that you open a bugzilla issue (Request For Enhancement), and 
discuss features and dependencies with interested people there. In this 
way, you can proceed without bringing additional dependencies inside 

If it looks worthwhile, it could be put in the scratchpad to develop 
there until it can be released (in the Jetspeed-2 infrastructure) as a 
portlet application. Or people could build it separately from the 


P.S.) I CC: dev, since it mostly belong to jetspeed development.

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