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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Small steps towards a long term goal (code quality)
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 10:41:55 GMT
I am concerned about the overall state of interpackage dependencies in 
Jetspeed. As I have been saying in different posts, if we don't have a 
clear knowledge of the dependencies between our own packages and with 
third party projects, it would be difficult to assess work needed for 
PortletAPI support, release or maintain code, etc.

Recently, Tom Copeland has published a report on "unused imports" across 
jakarta projects in:


Jetspeed is, currently, one of the projects with most unused imports. I 
wonder if someone using an IDE to develop with Jetspeed could easily 
send a patch which removes unused imports (without breaking the build, 
if possible).

I will eventually do it, but I need to install the proper tools I am 
*very* scarce of time currently.

This would be a very small step, but a path is always walked step by step.

The next one would be to use "deprecation=on" in the build, and ensure 
that no deprecated methods are used, and then delete them, or at least 
move them from "public" to protected or private.

We have *way too many* public methods in Jetspeed, and this raises the 
number of dependencies unnecesarily.

I think we need to control more tightly the code base if we want to 
succeed in the next months.

Any thoughts?


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