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From John Christopher <j...@animalsinneed.net>
Subject Category filtering addition
Date Sun, 09 Mar 2003 02:32:51 GMT

I implemented some changes to the way the category drop down list is displayed 
when selecting portlets to add. In my implementation, the drop down list only 
shows the first word of all the categories at first, and then once a category 
is selected, the list only shows; All Portlets, the parent category 
clicked(ie news), and all children categories of that parent(ie 
news.technology etc...). This helps with sites that do or plan on having 
numerous portlets. Attached are the files changed and below is a list of what 
was changed. Could this possibly be added to the distribution?


BaseCategory.java - implemented Comparable - using the name to compare

CustomizeSetAction.java - added two protected methods getCategoryParents and 
getCategoryLists. These filter the parent category names out of the original 
category list and creates a map of the parent name to child list which is 
added to the context.

customizer-portletset-add.vm - changed to use the map of category lists and 
update the list depending on which category the user clicks.

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