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From "David G. Powers" <jetspeed-...@pssp.com>
Subject Re: ???NEW WebPageService/WebPageServlet NEW ???
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2003 09:16:21 GMT
On Friday 28 February 2003 09:48 pm, David Sean Taylor wrote:
> On Friday, February 28, 2003, at 04:43  PM, David G. Powers wrote:
> > I don't think anyone has used HttpProxyPortlet yet.  With a new new a
> > new thread can be started....
> Proxy to me means a Proxy Server, which can get quite complicated.

I'll just go with A working name of HttpLiaisonPortlet.  When it is ready 
for prime time it can be renamed - It really doesn't matter at this 

> > ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> > What is the "preferred" HTML parser API to base the rewriter on?
> > ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> Why not a pluggable parser?

I want help to choosing the tools for the "first" implemenation of the 
rewriter interface.  Pluggable can be good but I think one implementation 
should be provided.

> If I want to use Neko, why force me to use Swing?

Once again - I only plan to do the first one.  I'd like some help deciding 
on the best tool for the job.  If you say use Neko then I'll try to make 
it happen.  I'd like more input - I've never worked with Neko.  If my 
concerns about Neko working best with properly formed documents are valid 
then it might not be the best tool.  If Neko is ready and up to the tasks 
then great - I'm looking help to identify what is available and usable 

> Have you looked at the org.apache.jetspeed.util.rewriter package?

Not much (not enough to unserstand it!)  

> > It looks like Neko would work better with an XHTML document.  The
> > docs seem to indicate that malformed HTML isn't handled yet.  It has
> > been my experience that you cannot expect a well-formed HTML
> > document.
> I've heard a lot of good about Neko. Haven't actually used it.
> The other choice is the Tidy parser, which now supports SAX events I
> believe.

Is the TidyLib MIT License compatible with an Apache project?

> Recently read about a HTTP Proxy Cache project, see below.
> Perhaps we can have a look at their code and see if it fits in with
> what we're doing.
> Pasted from the Jakarta General List:
> Hi,
> we are five italian programmers and we have finished some days ago
> "Puff", a http cache proxy written in java that have some interesting
> features like a spider that prefetch the web links and an option to
> convert all images to black and white one to have a speeder connection
> for the client. This software is free licensed (we haven't already
> choosed what type but this is free however!!) and we think to jakarta
> subprojects.
> If it is possible tell us how we have to send it, the documentation and
> what ever you want.
> Best regards
> Paparoni Federico
> doc@workmind.net

Ummmm -- ahhhhhh - is this to refute my use of the "Proxy" word?

Seriously - I'm not thinking about a Proxy Cache for this right now.  If I 
need that I'll just process requests through SQUID or another proxy 

David G. Powers

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