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From "Aurelien Pernoud" <apern...@sopragroup.com>
Subject RE: DBPSML with Oracle and Jetspeed 1.4b1 : Finally got it to work !
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2002 08:11:32 GMT

> De : David Sean Taylor [mailto:david@bluesunrise.com]
> > From: Aurelien Pernoud [mailto:apernoud@sopragroup.com]
> > with the exact same trouble, so I just tried to change
> every scripts used
> > above to modify every BLOB found with a LONG RAW.
> >
> fixed in the cvs head

ok, good news for next users ;)

> Aurelien, could you please send a patch updating the source and
> documentation with a better process?
> Or at least explain to me, since I documented the process,
> where I went
> wrong, and how you would improve the process?

I'm not used to cvs and co, but next I promise I'll try all of this to be
"up-to-date" and be able to patch files directly !
Well in fact you're doc is pretty good, the only thing you have to add is,
in case user specified Oracle as database, he has to open the two generated
SQL scripts : src/sql/dbpsml-schema.sql and src/sql/security-schema.sql

Then make a "Replace all instances" of "BLOB" to "LONG RAW". And everything
works fine (in fact I only tested the import utility right now). I saw in
the src/sql/external there was already a default db-psml for oracle, but not
for security-schema, if you want it I have it (using default security for
oracle). But anyway users can see there's this file but don't understand
what to do with.

BTW import is great, but if I can make a remark it should also import users
(TURBINE_USER) created in hypersonic (and test if some were created also in
DB), because in my case I created some users and psml in hypersonic, then
decided to import everything in db to increase performance (and to test
also), and in this case only psml are imported, so if you try to create a
new user there are troubles (Unique Constraints Violation for example), and
the only way to go then is to create users directly in database, not that
easy :)

Today I'll try to test all the functionnality of PSML and USERS in db, and
tell you if troubles appear.

Nice job,

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