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From "Luta, Raphael (VUN)" <Raphael.L...@groupvu.Com>
Subject RE: Parallel-processing stuff (cont. from j-user)
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 13:21:30 GMT

De : Josh Hone [mailto:icsad@hotmail.com]
> >I'm not sure the workflow markup is the way to go for now 
> for a simple
> >reason: this concern is probably going to be standardized by 
> the Portlet
> >API in the JCP process and I'd rather like to encourage users to use
> >the Portel API compliant version of Jetspeed as fast as possible.
> >
> >From a purely technical point of view it may be the way to 
> go but I don't
> >know enough on this workflow structure to have a real 
> opinion now, I'll
> >have to do my homework first :)
> >
> Yeah, it <i>should</i> happen in the API, but I am going to 
> go ahead and 
> build it into my Jetspeed since I need it to finish my 
> master's thesis by 
> spring.  :)  I will already need it to mean something to my 
> portal anyway 
> since I am using workflow ideas with some web services I am 
> developing.

Then go for it, but I'm sure it *will* be handled by the Portlet
API spec since it's already included in the current Websphere
API and I see no reason why the standard would give up such a 

Raphaƫl Luta - raphael@apache.org
Jakarta Jetspeed - Enterprise Portal in Java

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