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From "Luta, Raphael (VUN)" <Raphael.L...@groupvu.Com>
Subject RE: Registry service enhancment
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 12:20:25 GMT
De : Jeremy Ford [mailto:caius1440@hotmail.com]
> While developing with Jetspeed, I have experimented with 
> creating Registry
> entries via the API.  Currently, when you add a new entry, 
> that entry will
> be placed into the local-portlets.xreg.  I have often wished 
> that I could
> control the name of the file that the entry was placed in.  Here is a
> suggested addition to the Registry interface.
> public void addEntryToFragment(String regName, String fragmentName,
> RegistryEntry entry)
>      throws RegistryException;
> When implemented in the CastorRegistryService, this method 
> would add an
> entry to the suggested file name if that entry does not 
> already exist.  If
> an entry already exists in another fragment, then the 
> existing fragment name
> will be used instead.  If fragmentName is null or empty, then
> local-portlets.xreg would be used as the default.

I would be -1 to add this signature to the standard Registry method
as I just hate methods in API interface that have no meaning in most

However, this could be easily added to a sub interface of Registry
(or perhaps FileRegistry which is already dealing with fragment 
manipulation) and have the CastorRegistry implementation implement this

You'd have to tie your code to a specific known sub-interface but I think
that's the better option unless there's a need to structure most
of the registry implementations in additionnal fragments than currently
(the default division common to all impl is by element function: portlet,
controller, skin, control, etc...)

I just don't see right now the need for such a call in the generic
interface but would gladly accept patches for a sub-interface :)

Raphaƫl Luta - raphael@apache.org
Jakarta Jetspeed - Enterprise Portal in Java
convinced :)

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