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From "NAJMAN Yves - SOP ( YNajman@sophia-antipolis.sema.slb.com )" <YNaj...@sophia-antipolis.sema.slb.com>
Subject Parallel execution of portlets (repost from User list)
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 07:44:25 GMT
As it was proposed by Raphael Luta, let's continue on the Dev list.

Summary: How to execute portlets in parallel?

2 solutions proposed:

1) from Josh Hone:
> I have a relatively simple fix for velocity that allows selective parallel

> execution, so that you can select which portlets interact with each other.

> If you are familiar with velocity, it amounts to subdividing the Context.

> Interested?  Does this sound like what you need?

2) from Raphael Luta:
> I don't personnally rate this as a high priority feature but if you
> require it I give you some pointers on where to implement it in
> Jetspeed and will welcome the patch :)

At the moment, I do not know which one is best.

Definitly, it would be nice to be able to flag a portlet as "parallel
execution candidate": this would avoid to to start parallel execution of all

As threads are involved, it seems reasonable to use a thread pool (as far as
I know, creating/destroying threads can be very hungry at system resources,
it is necessary to recycle them): is there a thread pool already in place in
JetSpeed/Turbine/Tomcat that can be used for that purpose.

Note: at the moment I have very few spare time to spend on the subject and I
am very new to the whole stuff (JetSpeed/Turbine). I hope nobody have an
urgent need for this feature :-)

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