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From "Rob Oxspring" <roxspr...@apache.org>
Subject Jakarta Newsletter - Request For Content
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2002 12:13:18 GMT
Hi all,

Sorry for the cross post but I'd like to encourage as many contributions to the Jakarta Newsletter
as possible.

So, what are the chances of someone from each list to send me a sumamry of august's activity?
 I've been through EyeBrowse on nagoya
<http://archives.apache.org/eyebrowse/> and have picked out subjects that might be candidates
for inclusion... though understand
that this is purely what struck me as interesting based on subject and thread size - feel
free to ignore the guess work.  Surely
Tomcat / Maven / Commons should be able to pull something together at least - there are about
5000 messages between you guys!

If you could get items to me by 4-Sep-2002 6pm GMT it would be great - if the deadline is
too tight then talk to me - let me know
when you can get something to me and the newsletter can be postponed if needed.

I'm not subscribed to all the lists so either aim for general@jakarta.apache.org or directly
to me if you want my attention.



James: 686 messages
    IMAP Appending?
    IMAP cvs
    Anti Spammer stuff?
    NNTP auth
    Should we remove ant?
    Pheonix 4
    Random Version Question Time

Jetspeed: 353 messages
    Portlet API

JMeter: 445 messages
    Mail protocols
    JMeter 1.7.3 available

    no messages on nagoya? - anything the outside world should have known about?

Slide: 611 messages
    WebDAV Client, HttpClient and Commons
    New database schema problems
    J2EEStore and specials characters
    New J2EE stores: subselects

Struts: 574 messages
    Multiple RequestProcessors
    Status on Struts-EL
    concerns about Struts
    Figuring out which commons library versions to get source for
    DynaForm and Converters

Tomcat 1637
    JSR77 and JSR88
    tomcat crashes
    Spec question: RE BUG 12052
    Chuid - merging code from daemon into jk2
    AJP13,Tomcat404 and SSL
    Jasper 2
    [5] Proposal: webapp startup
    Watchdog aggregation of headers may be incorrect
    [5] [TODO] Config first task
    [5.0] [PROPOSAL] Refactored mapper
    [5][PATCH]Run Watchdog from the jakarta-tomcat-5 build.xml
    [5.0] Build notes
    Here we go again - mod_webapp and mod_rewrite
    [5] launcher/deamon
    [5] commons-logging
    New coyote branch

Turbine: 217+sublists - can split up into subsections if its easier to write something.

Maven: 1152
    clover plugin - does it work yet?
    Integrations with JXR through Maven.
    Writing Plugins for B5
    JXR redux
    Proposal] mirror plugin
    Checkstyle plugin not working
    Ready to release beta-6
    [PROPOSAL] Artifacts others than jars
    Standard Project defaults via inheritance
    [PROPOSAL] POM extensibility and plugins
    Eclipse plugin
    FYI - from Centipede
     ibiblio jta jar not named correctly
     what happened?

Commons: 2411 messages - should probably be separate contribs per component as last month
    Utils contructors

    Discovery - I / II  / III / code/design review [was Re: The exegesis]
    Lang - StringUtils / release foci  / system properties / OS Family
    Logging - I18n
    Collections - Primitives

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