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From "Mark Orciuch" <mark_orci...@ngsltd.com>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] Portlet preview in the customizer
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2002 15:56:47 GMT

I tried it your way. (For now, I did not implement getPreviewContent in the
AbstractPortlet.) I ended up modifying your suggested PreviewPortlet to
"wrap" the previewed portlet in a portlet control so the action icons
pertain to portlet being previewed rather than the PreviewPortlet itself.
Then I invoked the preview as follows:


Several issues:

1. The jetspeed navigation is present. Is there any way to force an empty
layout like with my screen template approach?
2. The portlet navigation does not work. When you click the Next button, it
loses the required parm (previewedPortletName).
3. Don't know how to selectively supress displaying of action icons. For
example, I only want to show Info icon in preview.

I am attaching source code for the PreviewPortlet.java and preview.xreg. I
am using database PSML manager so I can't easily export the preview.psml
file and attach it as well. I believe that PSML Browser needs another option
next to Clone and Delete, Export (I think that I'll work on that as well).

Best regards,

Mark C. Orciuch
Next Generation Solutions, Ltd.
e-Mail: mark_orciuch@ngsltd.com
web: http://www.ngsltd.com

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