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From "Mark Orciuch" <mark_orci...@ngsltd.com>
Subject RE: Confused about portlet permissions
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 18:38:37 GMT
>If you don't have View permission, then you shouldn't see it in the portlet

Not according to this condition in CustomizeSetAction.buildPortletList:

            if (JetspeedSecurity.checkPermission((JetspeedUser)
data.getUser(), new PortalResource(entry),
                && (!entry.getType().equals(PortletEntry.TYPE_ABSTRACT))
                && entry.hasMediaType(mediaType)))

Is the above correct or should it check PERMISSION_VIEW?

>Customize grants you permission to customize that particular portlet.
>Or in the case of a portlet (PSML) page, it grants you permission to
>customize the entire page.

Customize meaning clicking on the portlet/page customize icon, right?

>Info can be another portlet mode. Consider the current modes of a portlet
>are view and customize.
>Info mode would be like a help mode for the portlet.

Yes, that is what I thought. I am interested in implementing this type of
functionality but it seems that customize and info icons are mututally
exclusive. See this code in VelocityPortletControl.buildActionList:

            if ( state.allowCustomize( rundata ) )
                if (! customized )
                    actions.add( new PortletAction("customize") );
                if ( state.allowInfo( rundata ) )
                    actions.add( new PortletAction("info") );

Once I'm clear on all this, I'll create an xdoc. I can get involved with any
related patches as well.

Best regards,

Mark C. Orciuch
Next Generation Solutions, Ltd.
e-Mail: mark_orciuch@ngsltd.com
web: http://www.ngsltd.com

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