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From Paul Spencer <paulspen...@mindspring.com>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-jetspeed/docs/site administration.html application-development.html branches.html catalog.html changes.html code-standards.html config_guide.html config_skin.html config_skin_param_summary.html content-syndication.html contributors.html customizer.html developer-notes.html diskcache.html faq.html features.html icalendar.html index.html install.html license.html portlet_config_DBBrowser.html portlet_config_HTML.html portlet_config_JSP.html portlet_config_PSMLBrowser.html portlet_config_RSS.html portlet_config_Velocity.html portlet_config_WebPagePortlet.html portlet_config_XSL.html portlet_config_common.html psml.html psml_db.html resources.html security.html todo.html uml.html usejetspeed.html wap.html
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 10:24:19 GMT
Please do a "cvs update" for jakarta-site2.  The on you are usign has 
the wrong copyright date.  Then build and commit the docs.

kimptoc@apache.org wrote:

>kimptoc     2002/08/02 03:13:42
>  -                    Copyright &#169; 1999-2002, Apache Software Foundation
>  +                    Copyright &#169; 1999-2001, Apache Software Foundation
Paul Spencer

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