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From Glenn Golden <ggol...@umich.edu>
Subject Help! Caching (?) problem in Jetspeed
Date Fri, 10 May 2002 14:46:30 GMT
We have a major problem in Jetspeed...  At least I do! It just won't startup
properly most of the time.

The 'anon' page for me has some html portlet content - which is cached using
our content cache, right?  What happens is that jetspeed starts up, gets the
first request, tries to satisfy it, gets this in the log:

[00:13:31,978 DEBUG] JetspeedTemplatePage: requested template = Home.vm
[00:13:31,990 DEBUG] template exists:
ml/Home.vm returning /html/Home.vm
[00:13:31,995 DEBUG] JetspeedTemplatePage: calculated template =
[00:13:31,997 DEBUG] template exists:
ml/default.vm returning /html/default.vm
[00:13:31,997 DEBUG] JetspeedTemplatePage: layoutTemplate is finally
[00:13:32,169 DEBUG] template exists:
s/html/top.vm returning /html/top.vm
[00:13:33,980 INFO ] Start Initializing service (late): GlobalCacheService
[00:13:33,984 INFO ] Finish Initializing service (late): GlobalCacheService
[00:13:33,985 INFO ] cache miss, object expired: -11949910421013538990

And then I get nothing more from it.  The browser is hanging there waiting
for a response.  If I try the link again at the browser, I get a few more
lines in the log, but it ends the same way, with that tell-tale "cache

I have no idea what's going on, or why it thinks there's a cache miss, but
more importantly, why it gives up the ghost and stops responding.

I can re-start the server many times before it gets past this.  Then it
does, and all is well.

I have two log files, the failed, and the successful, but havn't yet
compared them.  Might be some good clues in there.

I'm going to be busy re-writing the Portlet API implementation, so I'd
appreciate some help here, perhaps from some developer who has been messing
around with the caching code and knows it somewhat!  Anybody got some spare
"jetspeed" time?

I'd love to just ignore this one, but it really gets in the way of
development where I'm constantly starting and stopping the server to test


- Glenn
Glenn R. Golden, Systems Research Programmer
University of Michigan School of Information
ggolden@umich.edu               734-615-1419

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