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From Paul Spencer <pau...@apache.org>
Subject Re: How a Profile is associated with a request
Date Fri, 10 May 2002 18:05:31 GMT

Glenn Golden wrote:

 > DefaultJetspeedRunData's getProfile() setProfile() store the Profile
 >  in the getUser().getTemp("profile").

 > Does anybody know why we choose to store the profile in the session
 > rather than the run data?

Rundata is recreated every request, getUser().getTemp() stays around to 
for the entire session.

 > It looks like this profile is re-set for each request by the 
 >  - if the profile for the current request is different from the one
 >  stored.
 > The JetspeedAccessController does a Profile.getProfile(jdata) for
 > each request, updating the session stored profile if different.
 > Then JetspeedTool will use that stored profile, unless it's missing,
 >  then it will Profiler.getProfile() and store it in the session.
 > First, I suspect that this means that one user with two browser
 > windows cannot be viewing two different Jetspeed pages, as requests
 >  from both would compete for that one session stored profile slot.

They should be 2 different sessions.  I suspect two browses running on 
the same PC will share the same cookies, this the same session.  Browser 
on different machines will have different sessions.

 > Second, perhaps there's redundancy between the
 > JetspeedAccessController setting the profile and the JetspeedTool
 > setting the profile.
 > Finally, what do we gain by storing the profile in the session, when
 >  for each request we go and compute it again anyway?

If the next request does not contain the psml info, i.e. user/group/role 
and page, then do we not get that profile stored the session?

 > * * *
 > Unless new data arives, I propose we move the storage of the profile
 >  back into the rundata proper, let the  JetspeedAccessController
 > find it and set it in there, and let the JetspeedTool find it in
 > the rundata and have an error condition if it is not there.
 > - Glenn

Paul Spencer

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