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From raphael.l...@networks.groupvu.com
Subject Re: Broken!
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 13:53:43 GMT
Glenn Golden wrote:

>Clean checkout and build:
>Here's one of the links that looks suspect:
>(from customize html in the main turbine page:)
>      <form action="
>                  <input type="submit" value="Add Pane" >
>              </form>
>"/mode/addset" doesn't make any sense, to me or to Jetspeed!
No, this parameter is correct as it's used to at least define the 
customizer sub-template
to display.

The issue seems to be a change of semantics in the 
JetspeedLink.getTemplate(), or at least
a difference of semantics between JetspeedLink.getTemplate() and 
Jetspeed.TemplateLink :

If you use the no-parameter version of JetspeedLink.getTemplate() you 
create a link that does
not specify any template, thus redirecting you to the default "Home" 
In JetspeedTemplateLink, if you did not specify an template, *it would 
implicitly add the current
template* so that templates are "sticky" during navigation.

You can temporarily fix the issue by patching in customizer_*.vm 
templates all the
$jslink.Template by $jslink.getTemplate("Customize") and you're set.

However, I think we should recreate the "sticky" template behavior in 
JetspeedLink as a portlet
should not know or care about the template name it's in.

Paul, can you check this ?

Raphaƫl Luta - raphael.luta@networks.groupvu.com
Professional Services Manager
Vivendi Universal Networks - Paris

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