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From Paul Spencer <pau...@apache.org>
Subject Re: jslink
Date Wed, 01 May 2002 14:05:03 GMT

Glenn Golden wrote:

> I vote that we stop supporting portlet by name!  Lets stick with just
> support for id.
> Are you sure there are no cases where you'd want to call a second
> JetspeedLink method chained to a first, that all chained calls would be to
> DynamicURI methods?
> My understanding is that you can specify a group AND an role... but these
> are "pick one" options in your description of getLink().  What's your
> understanding of group and role?

This is not supported by the Jetspeed, I do not think it ever was. 
Under the PSML directory tree their are group, role, and user 
directories, so how would you resolve /group/apache/role/manager?  You 
may be confusing user roles with psml roles.

> getLink() sounds good!  Make sure it can be called from a velocity file -
> I'm not sure how the optional parameters will be implemented, and I'm not
> sure how to send a "null" from the call in the .vm file.  I'll use it as
> soon as it's ready!

I have not found a way to send "null" parameter via velocity, but that 
does not mater for getLink().  The jslink_example will document a lot of 

> - Glenn

Paul Spencer

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